Day 4 in Japan: Slowing down time in East Kyoto

After 2 full days of non-stop go in and around Kyoto, our final day here was at a slightly more relaxed pace. With the morning routine of Food Mart, breakfast, and cappuccinos under our belt, we took to wandering the nearby East Kyoto area known as Higashiyama.


Slowing down time on the 2km long Philosopher’s Path.




This photo almost resulted with me in the river. Crouching to get the shot, I lost my footing on a small wooden bridge with no guard rail and just caught myself inches from going down.


Arriving at the Silver Pavilion (Ginkakuji), minus the silver!






For lunch we had an Okinawa (Japan’s southern islands) inspired meal and then for dessert we came across a beautiful maccha and cake/pastry shop. The owner and chef, dressed the part of a surgeon, was passionate about his edible works of art. Chestnut cream, I’ll take one of those please!



With maccha and sugar in our system, we made the final afternoon push up the hillside and through the throngs of tourists to visit the Kiyomizudera temple, only to find it completely covered in massive bamboo scaffolding for restoration work. Sigh!


Back down through the alleyways and shops below, as Andrew sampled his way through various mochi and other treats, and Viola settled on a steamed beef bun, not the pork one that she has been craving for over 2 years since last at this spot.


A final stroll back to our Nene guesthouse for the evening …


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