Day 3 in Japan: Exploring Kyoto on bikes

No time for sleeping in on our 2nd full day in Kyoto! Not to mention the hard futons and tatami mats are hardly a thing of comfort to lounge around on. Awake at 5am, Food Mart for breakfast supplies, and out the door for another jam packed full day. Priority numero uno: cappuccinos! Ratio Andrew informed us they had some serious equipment at this coffee shop.



If the theme of yesterday was walking, then the theme of today was biking. A lot of biking! We picked up rental bicycles to explore the more distant sights of Kyoto.


First up on the list was the western district of Arashiyama known for its bamboo grove, temples and Togetsukyo wooden bridge crossing the river. Viola was captain of this journey, one hand on the handle bar and one hand clutching her cell phone tight with Google maps as her second in command.



We made it! Bamboo grove!




Ready, set, get that shot! Behind the scenes of how an awesome instagram photo was made by Andrew and Sarah.


Neighbouring the bamboo grove was Tenryu-ji temple with it’s beautifully landscaped gardens.



Embracing some shade on the seniors bench.


Lunch was an epic feast of soba, both hot soup with mushroom and cold dipping varieties. Andrew’s proclamation: “best meal of the trip so far!”



Arashiyama was HOT! Dipping our sore feet in the river was numbing and yet so refreshing. Take note when planning future trips with the Pyes: Andrew doesn’t like his socks wet, so he did not participate in this activity.


Collecting our bikes at the designated bicycle parking lot. Kyoto is very strict with bike parking and will fine or remove your bike if left elsewhere.



Arriving at the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), one of the most famous temples in Japan. Covered in 18K gold leaf we all took bets as to the value of the precious metal on the building. Armed with mobile WiFi, cell phones and the power of Dr. Google and we still couldn’t find the answer! #overit! The saying of the trip …




One last time on the saddle for a relaxing sunset ride back.



Cheers! Beer, plum wine and share plates of tempura, vegetables and the restaurant specialty of chicken neck, yes neck, one with hair, yes hair, Andrew took one for the team, to celebrate a perfect day cycling around Kyoto.



3 thoughts on “Day 3 in Japan: Exploring Kyoto on bikes”

  1. 5am?! You Winkls don’t like to sleep in, do you? And I can’t believe you’re into google maps now! Better late than never, haha. 😉 Have fun!


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