Day 1 in Japan: Arriving in Kyoto

With Andrew and Sarah almost missing the connecting bus at UBCO to the Kelowna airport, their connecting plane to Vancouver being struck by lightening mid flight and being rushed off once they arrived due to smoke, Viola pouring peppermint essential oil into my eye (she blames the cabin pressure!) blinding me into a tear gassed style panic as I pour bottled water onto my face and feel my way to the washroom to rinse and rinse and rinse, an elderly Japanese gentleman collapsing to the floor in the aisle near us causing a medical emergency and as the situation continued thinking we will be diverting to Sapporo or even Russia?! (thankful for a doctor and ICU nurse on board), and with a mind blowing hard landing in Tokyo described by Andrew as “the pilot trying to fly the plane through the ground” … yeah I’d say the trip to Japan was pretty routine and uneventful so far.

All aboard! The Shinkansen to Kyoto never gets old …



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